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High Speed Internet Toronto Internet Service Provider

WRS Internet is a high speed internet Toronto internet service provider. Our Toronto internet plans are delivered over the cable TV lines (for which we pay a 'rental' fee as we need them). If your Toronto address can get cable TV (over a coax cable TV line, which means most homes in Toronto), then our Toronto internet plans are available at your Toronto address. Our Toronto internet plans do not include any TV channels. (You do not need to have cable TV in order to order our internet.) If you address includes an apartment, suite, or unit number, please include it when asking us to check the address or when placing an order. We do not require 'term contracts'.

Some newer Toronto condo buildings have a different type of wiring. (Not coax cable TV wiring). In those cases we are unlikely to be able to provide our Toronto internet plans. If you are not sure if our plans are available at your address, then please ask us to Check My Toronto Address For Internet Plans Availability (before ordering and paying for a Toronto internet plan order). We will reply to you within 24 hours by email. (Usually much sooner than 24 hours). (Please note that we do not take orders by phone, or do address lookups over the phone).

Cable Internet Service Transfer or Activation Fees: Please realize that there is a transfer fee of $21.91 on transfers for coax cable internet service for the home from another Internet Service provider. For all of the other orders we charge the new activation / install fee of $70.69 In each case the fee is just to repay our costs of installation and/or activation by Rogers Cable installers on our behalf. WRS Web Solutions does not earn a profit on these transfer, installation or activation costs.

Modem Required

Our Toronto internet plans require a modem. Usually our customers buy (or rent) a modem from us as part of the process of placing the order. The modem is then usually shipped by Canada Post. The modem usually arrives in about 3 days (or so). Canada Post will make one attempt to deliver the modem. If nobody is at home at that time, they will not leave the modem. Rather, they will leave a Canada Post parcel pickup card, giving the details of the local Post Office where you can pickup the modem (with ID). The name and the address on the ID must both match the name and the address that the modem was shipped to, (or Canada Post might not let you sign for and get the modem). You must then pickup the modem, as they will not try to deliver it a second time. Please note that modems do not ship on weekends or statutory holidays, as Canada Post does not pickup on those days.

Invoicing & Installation

Our invoicing system runs on a 30 day basis by email. Please add our email address to your contacts or safe senders list, so that you will see our emails, and they don't end up in your junk or spam folder.

Invoicing is from date of order. Install usually occurs between 3 to 10 days from the date the order is placed and paid for. The install date depends in large part on how far into the future the Installers are booked up already. (If there is a big gap between the order date and the install date you may ask for a credit for some or all that time.) Most of the time someone (18 or older) needs to be home for the Install date. Often the installer will call before coming over, so please be sure to answer that call, or the Installer might assume that nobody is home, and not come.

You may login to the Client Area of our website at any time, to view your Invoicing history, payment history etc. You may also view and pay invoices from there. The payment methods we accept are MasterCard, Visa, Interac e-transfer, and PayPal account.


If after the service has been installed you run into trouble, the first thing to try is to power off the modem, (and everything that is connected to it, or talking to it). Wait five minutes or so, then power it all back on. Wait five minutes or so, and that usually solves most problems. (If you own a router, separate from the modem, and you have that connected to the modem, please note that we cannot provide technical support for routers.)

Next take a look outside. If the cable company is working on the road, that is likely the cause. Likely they have unplugged something for a few minutes while they do whatever they are doing. Wait half an hour or so and things should be working OK again. If necessary, power the modem off again, and on again.

If that does not solve the problem, you may call our modem and connections people. We have not list the number here, but our customers usually already have the number. The number is only for modem and connection issues / questions, and not for sales questions. For all other topics please email us. :)


By using our services you agree to only use them for legal purposes, and not to resell them, or share them with others not resident (or visiting) in your home (or small business). You agree not to use our services to illegally download, upload, file share, or stream, movies, TV shows, or other media or works, which you do not have a clear legal right to be watching.

When you stream, or download, or upload movies and shows on the internet, etc, you do leave a trail. If you do so illegally, the owners of those movies or shows can track that activity, and track you back to us. We can then track it back to you. If they send us copyright violation notices, we are legally obligated to pass them on to you. (Living in Canada does not protect you from illegal downloading activity. Companies can still go after you in Canadian courts, under Canadian law. Those courts can require us to turn over your identity, and your address, etc.) So, that said, please keep all your online activity completely legal. Thank you! :)

While most of our plans are 'unlimited', please keep your use reasonable, as on the wholesale end of things we do pay on a per GB basis for your usage. We really appreciate your understanding on that aspect! We have priced our unlimited plans based on 'average family home use'.

WRS Internet is a division of WRS Web Solutions Inc. Our full legal name is WRS Web Solutions Inc. Our Toronto internet plans are provided by WRS Web Solutions Inc. Plans availability subject to change, as are prices.

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High Speed Internet Toronto Internet Service Provider